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Air Conditioning Diagnostics & Repair

Air con regassing

Having the car's air conditioning system checked and serviced regularly will avoid expensive repair bills in the longer term.

We provide a specialist air-con fault diagnostics service and can rectify most faults quickly and efficiently using our state of the art diagnostic software. A full parts back up for most vehicle types means your vehicle will be ready for collection within a short amount of time. Our garages are just a short walk away from Nuneaton town centre so why not treat yourself to a coffe while we work on yoru car.

If you find you have some unpleasent smells coming from your air conditioning system, especially after it's not been used for some time, it could be due to mould or bacteria growth in the system or pipework. This can be treated with an anti-bacterial agent to leave your car smelling healthy and fresh again!

Air conditioning can leak due to split pipes or corroded sealing rings. A small amount of water dripping from the system underneath the car, especially on a hot day, is generally nothing to worry about as this is just condensation. However, leaks inside the car or where the effectiveness of the system drops should be investigated – bring the vehicle into us and we'll take a look.

We also offer air-con system leak testing and a full regassing service as well as a mobile air conditioning service around the Midlands.


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