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Vehicle Air Conditioning Servicing

Air con regassing

Most new vehicles are sold with an air conditioning system and these wonderful inventions for a hot day are generally forgotton about until they stop working. A car's air-con is quite a complex system of electrical and mechanical parts. A motorised compressor runs from the car's electrical system and pumps a refrigerant around a network of metal pipes and rubber hoses under pressure. Forcing the refrigerant through part of the system called an Expansion Valve makes it very cold and gaseous. The gas is passed through to the evapotaror core inside your vehicle, which works in the opposite way to a radiator; the cold gas cools air that

Unusual noises or leaking from your vehicle's air-conditioning or climate control systems can be impending warning of failure. Compressors on some air con systems can cost £500+ to replace and can also damage other components. The system will also need new refrigerant, making an unpleasant bill. Preventative maintenance is always preferable, so book your car in regularly for an air-con service and regassing, or make an appointment for our mobile engineers to visit your home or place of work.

Mobile Air Conditioning Service

We also provide a mobile air con service within a 50km radius of Nuneaton, which covers most of Warwickshire and , much of Staffordshire and Leicestershire including Tamworth, Bedworth, Hinckley, Coventry, Rugby, Leicester, Lichfield and Burton on Trent. Contact us to book an appointment.

Tel: 02476 326389   Mobile: 07770 871454   Email service@nuneaton-air-conditioning-recharge.co.uk